Places of Interest

1. Kuno Wild Life Sanctuary

This sanctuary is situated at Vijaypur and Sheopur tehsils in Sheopur district. It is 15 km. from the Sesaipura bus stand on Shivpuri-Sheopur road. It can be approached by bus or taxi from Sensaiipura bus stand. It can also be approached from Pohari of district Shivpuri at the distance of 25 km. The sanctuary is situated in an isolated hill, sloping in all directions.


Dobkund is a village, lying about 25 km. to the west of Kadwai and is 55 km. south of Vijaypur town in the tehsil of the same name. Two ruined old temples were discovered at Dobkund with two inscriptions in them. One of these temples is Hard-jauri and the other belong to some Jain deities of the Digambar sect. The principal inscription consisting of 59 lines is cut into a pillar and refers to Maharajadhiraj Shri Vikrama Singha, the Kachhapagata-Vanse-lilaka or the ornament of the Kachwaha.


Badoda, a big village of Sheopur tahsil, is connected with the tahsil headquarters by about 22.4 km. long road. In the 12th century, Bacha Raj established himself at Ajmer, from where the family was driven by the Muslim invaders about two centuries afterward. During Akbar’s regime, Baroda was the headquarters of a mahal of Ajmer.


Beyond the Chambal canal in Sheopur, Dhruva Kunda is located which has two kundas; one hot and another cold which is said to cure skin diseases. Another place of interest is village Rameshwar which is situated on the confluence of the Chambal, the Sip and the Banas hence regarded as a very holy place.


Vijaypur town is the tahsil headquarters of same tahsil name. It is situated on the Kunwari river. Vijaypur-Tentra road starts from this town. The town was found by Bijey Singh, the ruler of Karauli state in the Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. Formerly Vijaypur was a pargana headquarters. Two tombs of Sayad and Pizo famous for miracles stand in this place.
From 1901 Vijaypur was populated by 2,647 persons. In that year there was a school, a branch State post office a Sayar outpost and a police station at this place. During 1971 the population figures were 7,138. They enjoyed facilities of sub-post office, telegraph and public call offices, primary health centers, schools, public library, public reading room and police station. The weekly market meets here on Saturday.